Orlowo History


The name Orlowo comes from the name of a fisherman ( some argue a sailor ) Johann Adler (in german: eagle), who in 1840 built a tavern and a small hotel at the mouth of the Kacza River. In 1870, a railway line was built from Gdansk to Koszalin and in Maly Kack was built a small railway station , which enabled the holidaymakers easier access to teh beautiful spot. In 1871 they were only 2 residential buildings, in 1880 – 5 buildings, in 1908 – 7 buildings, in Orlowo.

In the years 1906-1907 near the” Adlershorst ” Inn Kuracyjny House was built next to a small pier and swimming area with wooden cabins and bathrooms. After Poland regained independence and access to the sea , Orłowo has become one of the most fashionable holiday resorts with crowds of contemporary celebrities visiting the place.In 1920, Stefan Zeromski spent holidays in Orlowo. In 1925, the owner of the neighboring Kolibki estate, Witold Kukowski decided to extend summer resort areas onto a part of his property land . Witold Kukowski allocated for this purpose vast land area from the Orlowska street. to Kolibki estate. New streets, villas and guest houses were built at the area ( in 1930 there were already about 20 buildings).


After the 1990 year Orlowo has become an exclusive residential area with elegant and architecturally delightful villas .Famous people in show business, sports, politics, culture and celebrities delighted with the tranquility and beauty of the area, carried out on a permanent basis.

Celebrities, show business, sports, politics and culture enchanted with the tranquility and beauty of the area chose this unique place as holiday destination and many as a permanent residence choice. The proximity of the center of Gdynia (4 km), Sopot ( 5 km) and Gdansk and excellent transport connections , makes Orlowo even more attractive .


The main attraction is the beautiful sea beach and the pearl of the city – the pier with the nearby walking route . Among the forest areas and along the shoreline spreads a walking and a bicycle tracj from Gdynia and Sopot. For shopping enthusiasts Orlowo offers nearby shopping malls – the exclusive “KLIF” Shopping Mall and 4 km away, the largest in the Pomeranian region “RIVERA” Mall , not only with elegant boutiques and restaurants , but also with playgrounds for the youngests and cinemas.

Among others Attractions of today’s Orlowo:

  • Kolibki Adventure Park

    “Adventure Park” for fans of strong sensations in the fresh air.

  • Observation Tower

    Observation Tower – overlooking the entire Gulf of Gdansk and Hel.

  • Palace and Kolibki Park

    Formerly the summer residence of the royal and noble families with a beautiful park, a place of open-air cultural and culinary events.

  • Summer Scene City Theatre

    At the beach, where in July and August are held theater plays, cabarets and concerts.

  • Catholic Church of Our Lady of Sorrows

    The historic building of the sixteenth century.

  • Stefan Zeromski Cottage

    An old fishing hut , in which the writer and his family spent holidays. Inside there is an exhibition dedicated to the author’s work.

Orlowo is a great place for summer recreation for everyone!


Information prepared on the basis of ENCYCLOPEDIA Gdynia by Verbi Causa and the courtesy of the Author. More about www.verbicausa.pl

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