Terms of Pets Admission in Kuracyjny Hotel ***

  1. Kuracyjny Hotel allows pets at is premises.
  2. The hotel accepts pets for an additional included in the price list. Accommodation with pets is possible only in designated rooms, while the designated rooms are occupied pet admission is not possible.
  3. Admission of pets is given by the Hotel Recepction after a short interview.
    Acceptance of Pets (especially dogs) willl depend on their temperament and training.
  4. The hotel admits only healthy Pets having medical records (current vaccination and deworming) .
    In case of lack of such certificates the is a contact information available to the nearest veterinarian in Gdynia. In the case of Pet’s chronic disease Recepction should be informed at the very moment of reservation of the stay.
  5. If the bedding in the room is dirty (hair, fur, mud) the Pet’s Owner will be charged with extra laundry service fee.
  6. If the bedding in the room is damaged, the Pet’s Owner is obliged to cover the cost of the purchase of the whole set of sheets.
  7. All damage to Hotel property or other Guests’ property or dirt caused by the Pet and requiring additional personnel care will be evaluated by the Hotel management and the Owner will be charged with them.
  8. Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets silence by the hotel and not disturbing the peace of other guests . In the case of repeated several complaints from other guests or staff of the hotel reserves the right to request the removal of the animal from the hotel.
  9. In public areas at the Hotel’s premises, the Pet’s Owner is required to keep the dog on a leash and muzzled.
  10. It is forbidden to bring animals to the restaurant and cafeteria and recreational (SPA & Wellness Center).
  11. The owner is always obliged to clean up excrement left by their Pet.

We Love and Accept Pets

Hotel fee for each pet : 40 PLN /1 night

UWAGA: Nie przyjmujemy psów uznawanych ogólnie za groźne lub agresywne.