Conference room settings

At Hotel Kuracyjny, we focus on flexibility and adaptation to our clients.
The NORMANDIA Conference Room offers a variety of settings to meet your expectations.

Option I – Letter “U”

This is a convenient option for meetings where there is a need for focused discussion. The “U” setting promotes interaction between participants, creating an intimate atmosphere.

konf u

Option II – Letter “U” both sides

(photo of the setup or illustrative drawing)

If you need maximum flexibility and more seating, this setup is a great choice. Allows for more participants and retains the benefits of the “U” setting

konf u obie

Option III – School

This is a classic setting, perfect for training, workshops and conferences. Tables and chairs are arranged in rows, allowing you to take notes comfortably and focus on the presentation.

konf szkolny

Option IV – Cinematic

For presentations, lectures and multimedia shows, a cinema setting is an excellent choice. Participants can observe the screen or speakers, ensuring full concentration.

Regardless of what setting you prefer, we, as the hotel team, are ready to take care of every detail of your event and adapt the room to its needs.

Contact us to explore all your options and create the perfect environment for your meeting.

konf konowe

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